A man who has lost his pretence, a wanderer who puts words in certain orders, he is known by many names but claims none of them, he is just a man. ___________________

For Her

I sat as my finger hovered over “post”
Knowing as soon as it was sent off into cyberspace
It was open to interpretation
By all those whose eyes might find it
But the truth, my friend
Is that have not written a single word
About another soul
Since I left your bed

But I have found Love
In and of itself
Not that feeling felt between lovers
But that unified field of the physicists
Throughout which all things move
The concept of love as the poets know it
Not the practice of love as the youth know it

Heartbeats & Fingertips

She has skin for a reason
A place to write poems
When my pen runs out of ink
Or when the words are not meant for anywhere else
Not to be seen or read aloud
Just to be felt over the epidermis
Resonate beneath the ribcage
Reverberate out through space
She has skin for a reason

She has skin for a reason
To hold her in place
In one space right here
Without fear she’d go supernova
And appear in some other persons sky
On the other side of the galaxy
When she should be here in mine
Burning bright as the sun
She has skin for a reason

She has skin for a reason
To hide her beating heart
From those who don’t know how to treat it
So she can let it peak from beneath something
For those lucky enough to see it
To keep it sacred
And sheltered
Ready for its moment
She has skin for a reason

She has skin for a reason
A thousand reasons
A million reasons
I have skin for a reason
One reason
Her skin

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Stand & Play


Sometimes it can be difficult to avoid
Playing fast and loose around the edges
As if time were bearing on you
Like the past you’ve tried to run from
Or your impending sense of mortality
As if time were just slipping away
Maybe it is
Maybe it isn’t
Maybe it doesn’t matter either way
So long as day to day you do what you are supposed to do
Get that? Supposed…
Not required nor coerced
But just assumed as in a natural cause of inaction
This lack of satisfaction in your circumstances
Can easily be allayed
By staying on your feet in front of your dismayed public
Who hoped silently to see you stumble
Lest your success cause them to lament their circumstances
Just by proving it can be done
Staying on your feet I mean
And playing fast and loose around the edges

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I’ve heard people say that the trouble with the world is that we haven’t enough great leaders. I think we haven’t enough great followers. I have stood side by side with great thinkers—surgeons, engineers, economists, men who deserve a great following—and have heard the crowd cheer me instead. I love my profession. I like playing baseball. I love the fans too, but I think they cheered too loudly, and they cheered for the wrong man. By Babe Ruth (via newbeatnik)

The Roses (Part. II)

I stopped the other day
And spoke to them
The roses in the front yard down the street
They said they had some things to tell me
Asked if I wouldn’t mind waiting
Since they couldn’t walk with me

So I stopped and took a breath
Within a hairs breadth
Of their smiling countenance
And they said ‘dance’
Right now? I replied
‘Or whenever’ they said
We have no feet to dance with
But we think we’d like it
Maybe you could try it
And come back
To tell us how it feels

So I danced
In the shower
On the footpath
By the stone hearth
Warm with firelight
On my oil fired motorcycle
Flying down the motorway
In the byway by the stream
Where the bream danced too
And said to me

'Next time you speak to the roses
Ask them what it is like to grow down as they grow up
And tell them what it is like to swim’

So swim I did
Back to the roses in the front yard down the street
In the heat of the midday sun
It was nice to be in water
And such fine company
And I told them what I’d learned
And when I got to the part about the Bream
They just smiled
And said
‘You tell them.’